News: Great news: Issue 0 is now available at Fictionwise

Monday, November 19, 2007

fictionwise logo We have just made an arrangement with Fictionwise e-Books. They serve up award-winning eBooks by top authors in all the major genres, as well as-we're happy to announce-the multi-genre'd GUD Magazine, in all its glory and wonder.

Fictionwise is committed to providing the Internet's most comprehensive collection of fiction. They offer GUD in all the most popular formats: Adobe Acrobat (PDF) [3.2 MB], Palm Doc (PDB) [236 KB], Rocket/REB1100 (RB) [305 KB], Microsoft Reader (LIT) [828 KB] - PocketPC 1.0+ Compatible, Franklin eBookMan (FUB) [274 KB], hiebook (KML) [1.2 MB], Sony Reader (LRF) [1.0 MB], iSilo (PDB) [230 KB], Mobipocket (PRC) [755 KB], and OEBFF Format (IMP) [430 KB].

We're currently ranked 555 30 of 4,375 (in "Best Selling" Science Fiction)-and we're moving up!

This is big news for us because it brings us an even wider audience. And it's good news for you because Fictionwise is currently offering GUD for about 15% off the electronic cover price ($2.98 instead of $3.50). If you become a Fictionwise "Buywi$e" club member, you can save even more.

Thank you for checking it out!

[[Ranking updated 11/20/2007, 555 -> 82]]
[[Ranking updated 11/21/2007, 82 -> 67]]
[[Ranking updated 11/24/2007, 67 -> 49 ]]
[[Ranking updated 11/26/2007, 49 -> 30 ]]
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