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Monday, November 5, 2007

the podcave, image by Tim Wilson via flickr / creative commons license
image by Tim Wilson (creative commons license)
So--you've read Issue 0 or Issue 1 (hopefully both, of course--amazing stuff in them, just check our reviews), and you've already got an order in for Issue 2 (and possibly Issue 3 if you're taking advantage of subscription discounts)!  And while the contents sated you once, possibly even multiple times as you've re-experienced your favorites time and again, there's always that "other stomach" that still has just a little more room.  That curiosity that hungers for something orthogonal to the rest.

GUD is preparing a series of interviews of its contributors.  We've got questions for them, of course; and they've got things they like to tell us (and you), of course. 

But what would YOU like to know?  We'll be starting with interviews of Issue 2 contributors, so you'll have some time to think about Issue 0 and Issue 1 a bit longer--but what would you like to know in general?  What would you like to know about our poets, writers, and artists?  Maybe we'll see if we can get it out of them. :)
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