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Friday, December 7, 2007

Madworld Radio, with Odd: GUD and The Key of Guilt

For some GUD listening, check out Mad World Radio's Season 2: Literacy: from Odd's Mouth to Your Ears.  Note that the show's NSFW, but what are you doing listening to an hour long radio show at work?  Come back when you're done!

Odd (the host) takes a look at two items, Mat Dias' self-published "The Key of Guilt", and GUD's Issue 1.  Odd "has a hard time talking about books", because that's not his background (talking about them--he reads a lot); if you're a writer I think that's a good perspective to get.  Getting people to talk about books (magazines, etc) is a big topic right now, so listening to him is food for thought.

To quote Odd, "I loved reading this. [...]   If you're not in the mood to read a book cover to cover, you can sit down and read a couple of short stories and get the fix you're looking for.  [...] GUD is a very well put together magazine, very well worth the money."  And taken somewhat out of context, but still good: "Go out there and order several thousand copies [of GUD Magazine and The Key of Guilt]!"

His favorites:  "Electroencephalography", "Arrow", "Aliens", "Natural History", "Max Velocity", "Sisyphus of the Staircase", and "In the Dark"; and he picks out some favorite art: "the trial" and "Spring".

If you're in a rush, try and find the bit about us 3/5 of the way in, but if you've got the time I recommend listening through.  The interview with Mat is good for a chuckle and makes some good points as well; and Odd's shows are (almost) always interspersed with a diverse showing of (mostly) rock-related music.  It would have been nice if he'd had more to say about GUD, but we're a lot to cover--we have that effect on folks.  You'll just have to give us a read.

Odd's an odd character, and I've been listening to his show for a while; if you like this show, you might scroll back through his archive.  The episode on racism (Racism: An Ugly Color on Anyone) was particularly well done, I think, including an interview with a "real live racist".  But first, Literacy: from Odd's Mouth to Your Ears.

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