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Monday, February 12, 2007

Mark Watson from Best SF reviewed us.

From the conclusion:

As far as the fiction is concerned, this is as strong a semiprozine as I've seen. There are some strong stories here, some reasonable stories, and some shorter pieces that are fine as far as they go. I can't pass much of a comment on the poetry, as it's not something I read, although at a cursory glance I can see there might be a bit more to it than the doggerel that generally gets passed as SF poetry. The artwork ranges from 'proper' artwork as per the the cover, to more cartoony drawings, the former working better for me. It's on sale as both a dead-tree and an electronic version, with a sampler on the GUD website.  The first print run of issue 0 is already sold out, but more are evidently on the way.

GUD is good.

I think we'll be hard pressed to get a better review.  Thanks to all the contributors to Issue 0. You make us look good.
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