News: GUD gets some love from the UK

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Excerpts from the review by Richard Hawkins, SF UK Review

So, what does this new publication look like? Well, it certainly isn’t like any pulp publication I’ve seen before.... The paper is good quality, it looks like its been selected for its readability, especially in sunlight...making it much easier on the eyes...(it is) different from usual.... I like the design. It’s very readable.... I was suprised to see in the table of contents 40 entries; most are short stories, a few bits of digital art, some pencil/pen art and some poetry. A nice mix and the poetry and art...(that) doesn’t overshadow the stories.... Suffice it to say that, as a whole, these stories are different. I’ve never read anything quite like them - most are original ideas, some are reworks, but cleverly done. All are on the strong end of the spectrum. I read about half of it in one session.

This is certainly an outstanding publication, especially since it is Issue 0. A promo issue, is of course, to promote the publication, which this Issue 0 is definitely doing a splendid job of accomplishing.... It’s a breath of fresh air, in an otherwise, somewhat, anticipatable market. Looking forward to Issue 1!


read the full review on SciFi UK

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