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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It means we're working hard; submissions come in apace, and Sal, as Chief Instigator of Issue 2, reviews them and decides their fate.  Our long list is growing, and in something like three months we will start deciding the final cut and sending out acceptances.

But before that happens, of course, Issue 1 will have shipped.  And there's a lot more work to do to ship Issue 1.  Payments, nearly $2100, will be going out to contributors today--some payments are a little more complicated, and some people haven't yet specified how they wanted to be paid, but still--progress, painstaking progress.

And speaking of painstaking progress, our copyeditors have been doing a bang-up job with the content of Issue 1.  They've checked facts, turned phrases, and in general made our shining gems sparkle just that much more.  We owe them a lot of icecream!

Sue has been doing mockup layouts for Issue 1; minor tweaking here and there, for the most part.  And it's my understanding she'll be going with a glossy cover (I can't wait to show you the cover art!)

Advertising/publicity has been going forwards slowly--most of it has been in the form of adding people on MySpace in a targeted manner, plus trying to branch out general networking.  We're about to break 10,000 profile views on MySpace, and are nearing 4000 friends.  We've also got a fullpage ad coming out in the next Apex Digest, and we're always looking for more opportunities.

On that note, we're constantly brainstorming opportunities of just about any sort.  We're thinking of starting up a "reviews" section; constantly trying to come up with a contest of some sort; we recently sent Braingell Radio a PDF for all of their djs to share, and they've got our banner in rotation and are plugging us periodically "on air".  We've sponsored a number of contests, including the 2006 Preditors & Editors readers poll.  We've got another review coming out shortly, and have an in-depth interview that will be going along with that.

If you want to be one of the first to see what's going to be in Issue 1, you should create an account and make sure you've set yourself to "spammable".  We'll be sending teasers, and probably send a few giveaways as well, as things get closer.

Thanks for reading; and thanks for the support.  We welcome any feedback!
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