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Monday, April 9, 2007

Every moment, Issue 1 comes that much closer to fruition.  We're editing bios, now; one story still needs its final edit, and Sue is in the process of turning it all into a PDF.  Everyone's been paid except for two contributors with whom we're still working out the details (though in that statement, I'm also counting as "paid" two checks sitting on my desk waiting to be mailed internationally).  We're going to be collecting full-res artwork any moment now, and maybe in a month I'll get to put up Issue 1's cover.

The ad in Apex Digest... got bumped, and will be coming out in the _next_ issue.  But by then, perhaps we'll have changed it some -- we've gotten word of a very high-profile review of GUD Issue 0 that will be coming out in May.  More on that when it actually happens (maybe we'll be able to drop it here as a preview).

On that note, we did get two more reviews since the last post (and one interview) -- a review would be hard pressed to be stranger and more surreal than Mick Halpin's, and his interview -- I'll just say that we had a lot of fun bouncing it back and forth.  And the other review is from NewPages -- loving the writing, but not quite feeling the cover (they review a slew of mags, so scroll on down a bit; they're listed alphabetically).

Meanwhile, we thought we'd share someone else's news -- Fefa, the artist who haunted us with the ethereal yet gritty "Changing Destiny" in Issue 0 is more famous in Russia for her horse-related art--she posted a recent spread in her livejournal

Also, Rusty Barnes has reopened Night Train based on GUD's submission engine.  We wish him the best of luck!


We'll be announcing a simple, no-purchase-necessary contest shortly.  1st place: $30.  2nd place: $10.  3rd place: $5.  All it will take is poking around on the site a bit and leaving a comment.

GUD's gearing up to dabble in doing reviews.  Have material you want reviewed?  Email  for details.
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