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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We keep them separate from our main blog, but you can subscribe to both, or either.  We're aiming to do no more than one review a week, and no less than one review a month.  And whenever we review something physical, we'll raffle it off (just see the comment under the review to see how to enter).

We're doing our best to spread both the reviews and word of GUD.  To that end, we "syndicate" our reviews a number of places.  I've been given an account on (watch out for the pop-ups!).  The reviews automatically go to livejournal and semi-automatically go to our blog on MySpace.  I post to the newsgroup  I even opened up a account, because there seem to be a lot of people there.  And of course, both our reviews and this, our regular blog, are available as rss feeds.

If you know of somewhere else that we can spread our reviews (mostly books, some e-books, some webzines, ...), we're all ears!

Check out our recent book reviews:

The Castle Tower Lighthouse, presented by Patrick H. T. Doyle
Patrick Doyle's "The Castle Tower Lighthouse" is a delightful summer mystery for young readers.  Patrick Doyle presents the tale of Edgar Font's Hunt for a House to Haunt (making the full title of the book a real mouthful, but a fun one).  The book is fun through and through, down to a puzzle at the end for the reader to solve on their own.  It's cleverly illustrated, and its tale-within-a-tale is engaging.

The All-Soul's Faire by Kristy Tallman
If you can never get enough horror, crave a thick Virginia drawl, and aren't too picky with how a book's been edited, Kristy Tallman's "The All-Soul's Faire" might be for you.  "The All-Soul's Faire" is a quick 300 page dance around suicide lookout and a moonshine-raising, Satan-worshipping, inbred disease of a family, all from the point of view of an outsider detective who's been on the local force for six months.

Gun Shy by Ben Rehder
Ben Rehder's Gun Shy is a fun romp for the Ritalin-choking child in all of us, dancing around the topic of guns and gun control.  It's the fifth novel in his Blanco County mystery series; and while I haven't read the previous books, so far as I could tell there's little or no thread weaving them together besides location and, perhaps, game warden John Marlin; so it's easy enough to pick up here and not worry about the others.

If you're an author, editor, or publisher, and would like material considered for review (we haven't turned any down yet, good or bad), contact us at
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