News: One year ago today, we opened for submissions

Friday, July 6, 2007

According to our blog, we opened for submissions 7/6/2006.  To celebrate, we'd like to offer $1 PDFs for a week!  Grab both live issues for less than the usual cost of one!  Note the special link.

It's hard to believe it's only been a year!  We've published two issues, we're purchasing for our third and we're selecting for our fourth (Issue 3: Mechanical Flight. Tell your friends!).  Issue 0 has received some amazing reviews from places such as Tangent Online, SFRevu, and SciFi UK Review; we even managed a prestigious review in Library Journal!  Issue 1 is in the process of being sent out for review (a little behind on that), and we expect great things from it as well.

We've received over 3500 submissions, and Duotrope has us listed in its "Top 25 Swiftest Markets" for responses in both poetry and fiction, and "Top 25 Most Challenging Poetry Markets".

We've gone through one drastic site re-design, raised over 5000 friends on MySpace, and managed to build a site that bootstrapped itself from a few story submission glitches all the way to producing and fulfilling issue after issue, with over 2000 unique visitors per month!  our system is nifty enough we even donated it to Night Train Magazine (with a few tweaks).

To date we've printed 600 copies of our magazine (two runs so far of Issue 0, one run so far of Issue 1), seen postage rates jump a substantial amount, and donated a few hardcopies and dozens of PDF copies to various charities/fundraisers.

We've had some popular contests, and the small presses are digging our new forum for reviews--we've reviewed nine small press books, magazines, and webzines, and have a considerable queue of disparate works to continue through.

Our second year will be a glorious year, with amazing work--and in-between issues there will be more contests, more reviews, and hopefully even more things to keep you coming back to the site and talking about GUD Magazine with your friends.  We thank you for sticking with us, hope you're enjoying it as much as we are, and hope you'll keep helping us spread the word.
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