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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Want to hear something cool?  How about how not to hire an assassin?  Listen to "Item 27", by Mike Procter:

"Item 27" from Issue 1 has been recorded and made available for your listening and downloading pleasure--we've added it to our myspace profile, and even made another account over there, a "band", to host it and have another venue for comments, etc. The audio is also featured at the top of Item 27's teaser on, and for simplicity's sake, it's embedded right here, though that may not syndicate well through our feeds:

Item 27 was recorded by Kaolin Fire, with permission of Mike Procter. The music in the background is titled Accralate and is made available by Kevin MacLeod under the Creative Commons Attribution License via

We'd love to hear what do you think!  And if you like that piece, know that there's plenty of other fine fiction, poetry, articles, and art within our (physical and digital) pages.  The PDF's just $3.50 for immediate satisfaction, and hardcopies are just $10.

So really... what do you think?
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Thursday, August 2, 2007 / 08:21:44
Nice. The reader's voice really fits the narrator. If the story had been longer, I think I might have tired of his voice, but it was just right. I especially liked how the music picked up its tempo when he got to the "bakery". I enjoyed the story completely. Hooked me from the get go, built well, and finished with a chuckle. Great short story.

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