GUD Feeds

RSS has become the way for the techno-savvy to keep current without having to visit every site in their bookmarks/favorites. Many browsers let you "subscribe" to RSS feeds within the browser itself; and there are a plethora of feed aggregators and non-web applications that live and breathe RSS (and assorted technologies). GUD currently offers two feeds directly from our site—one for our blog, and one for our reviews. Clicking on either below in a modern browser should offer you the choice to subscribe to them.

Blog Feed

Our staff blog, this is where we try to inform and entertain; interviews, issue statuses, contests, raffles, adn specials are a few of the things that we post here. This feed generally updates between once a week and once a month.

Reviews Feed

GUD reviews small press offerings. We strive for a balance between blunt honesty and understanding a given work's audience—just because something is not for us, that doesn't mean it's not for you, so we try to give enough information for you to figure that out for yourself. We strive to post a review every week; sometimes every few.