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Julia Bernd

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Julia grew up in Illinois but now lives in San Francisco. She would be a linguist if she and academia hadn't had a falling-out a few years back; after seven years working as a peace activist, she's currently exploring new directions--or in other words, she's unemployed. Besides GUD, she edits or has edited for Night Train and NFG. She likes to think she's open to enjoying work in any genre, but admits that she probably has higher standards for some than others. Good characters are the best hook.

Julia joined GUD with Issue 0 as copyeditor.

Sal Coraccio

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Sal lives on a lake between the mountains and seacoast of New Hampshire where he's a writer, a father, a teacher, a corporate drone and always—a poet. His published works have appeared in NFG, The Writer's Journal, The Pedestal and The Wild City Times among others. Sal appreciates poetry that shows something interesting in an original way with craft and purpose.

Kaolin Fire

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Kaolin Fire is a conglomeration of ideas, side projects, and experiments. He loves to program in c, php, jsp; write fiction; and teach. Outside of his day job, he dabbles in doing the odd e/book cover for various authors and publishers. Kaolin is especially interested in trends of technology, ritual, consciousness, dreaming, artificial intelligence, the nature of intelligence, the meaning of life, reincarnation, religion, and programming (of all sorts). He's had short fiction published in Strange Horizons, Right Hand Pointing, and Tuesday Shorts, among others. A more complete bio and publication credits can be found at his personal website.

Dale Humphries

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Dale Humphries is a professional preparer of patents living on the bleeding eastern edge of North America, where he tries very hard to divide his time between parenting, working, and exercising his literary credentials at GUD.

Dale joined the copyediting team with Issue 5.

Sue Miller

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Sue Miller lives in Connecticut with an assortment of goldfish. She has been an editor for Night Train, Story Garden 6, and NFG. Having a very short attention span, she's a fan of flash fiction. Learn more about her at her website. Etc.

Tony Nijssen

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Intrigued by the notion of actually doing something meaningful with life, Tony has long since realized that English and Philosophy probably weren't the quickest or easiest way of going about it, but ended up getting a double degree anyway in Saskatoon where he currently resides. His poetry has been performed by others at the Kiwanis Music Festival and studied in courses at the University of Calgary, though his prose has yet to be polished enough for print. He finds the best stories are the ones that make you think hardest, while the best poetry is that which captures the attention at the first line and demands it even after the poem is over, regardless of genre, theme, or a strict adherence to grammatical coherence.

Tony joined the copyediting team with Issue 6.

Consulting Editors

Michael Ellsworth

Michael Ellsworth

Michael Ellsworth is an unemployed laze-about, whom you would think has a job doing historical linguistics if you looked at his calendar, which says things like 'Tues. Read Old Church Slavonic dictionary. Weds. Read Ancient Mycenean grammar'. Occasionally, he accidentally reads other things, especially stories featuring psionic squid, or innovative and well-thought-out worlds. When he writes fiction on purpose, he aims for alliterative verse or alien societies (or psionic squid).

Michael joined GUD as a consulting editor for Issue 4, but has also been GUD's perennial Southern Dialect Consultant, being the only known linguist from the great state of Texantuckyorgia.


Jessie Nash

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Jessie is a British writer, grown and genetically modified in a field in Essex. Disturbing short stories and depressing poems turn her on, lots. As well as reviewing books and music she likes to pretend that one day she'll be a novelist. She has a BA in Creative Writing.


Mike Coombes

founding Editor, through Issue 0

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Mike Coombes lives in England. His credits include "Albedo One", "Atmosfeer" (in Dutch), "The Fractal", "If?", "Jupiter", "NFG", "Aesthetica", "Internet Review of Science Fiction", and "Black October". Mike was also twice winner of the Imaginaries Rising Star Award for Best Fantasy in 1997 and 1999. Until its untimely demise he was a senior fiction editor at NFG magazine. Mike likes to read anything prickling with ideas.

Debbie Moorhouse

Editor, Issues 1 through 6

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Debbie Moorhouse is a British writer who also takes photographs. She used to be Submissions Manager for NFG and currently reads slush for ASIM. The short story is her favourite form, which makes it puzzling that her shorts tend to grow into novels. She had an article published in Strange Horizons once.

Debbie's story Sundown led GUD Issue 0; she joined the copyediting team with Issue 1.

Jill Stockinger

Reviewer during Issue 2

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Jill spent nineteen years in New York, and then left! She has lived in seven states—New York, Illinois, Wisconsin, Texas, Oregon, Washington, often in confusion—and now California for the last ten years. She received a BA with honors from U. Wisconsin-Madison, and her Masters in Library Science from U Wisconsin-Madison Graduate Library School. Married to an artist, Max, and happy as a parent and working librarian, she has still managed to keep writing. She has also helped edit several small poetry and literary mags since college—including Spectrum, Primavera and NFG. Anything well-written is a turn-on!

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