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GUD Vault

Issue 2 :: Spring 2008

Issue 2 celebrates Heaven, Earth, and Space in-between; it is touched by religion, grounded in technology and comfortable with the occult.

Including a language-stretching piece triggered by the Talmud from the legendary Hugh Fox, poems by haiku heavy-hitter Jim Kacian, the surprisingly touching “By Zombies; Eaten” from Christopher William Buecheler, and an alien perspective on human spirituality by Tina Connolly in the remarkable “The Salivary Reflex”

— all part of a drool-worthy two-hundred page selection of over twenty authors and artists.

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Table of contents ~ stories / poetry / art


El Alebrije
by D. Richard Pearce

by Kirstyn McDermott

by Hugh Fox

Baby Edward
by Jeremy C. Shipp

Jamie Hawkins' Muse
by Vanessa Gebbie

by Joseph Love

The Salivary Reflex
by Tina Connolly

by Scott Christian Carr

By Zombies; Eaten
by Christopher William Buecheler

The Festival of Colour
by Paul Richard Haines

Thou Shalt
by Hugh Fox


by Lucy A. Snyder

by Kristine Ong Muslim


Fools & Intellects
by Cameron Gray

Day of the Dead
by Jamie Dee Galey

Sam — Sharp Walls
by newel anderson

by newel anderson

Untitled Collaborative
by Mike Capp, Justin Hillgrove, and Shana Marcoullier

Worldly Divine
by Cameron Gray

by newel anderson

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