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Issue 4 :: Spring 2009

Issue 4 begins with the end of the world and moves on from there. From the unromantically magical take on Ragnarøk in the lead story "Unbound" to the curious history of squid in "A Man of Kiri Maru", this issue is steeped in mythos, making use of the old familiar tales and some new ones, mixing cosmologies from around the world--and from other worlds as well.

But the focus, be it of prose, poetry, or art, is always on the human--on the clashes between imagination and reality, on choices and redemption, on what the Other can tell us about ourselves. And like any GUD magazine, this one's eclectic; browse around between the covers and you're sure to come upon some things you'll like, whether you're a genre junkie or a generalist. We hope you'll find some beauty, something uncommon, and that, for just a moment, the angle of the light will seem a little bit different.

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Table of contents ~ stories / poetry / reports / art


by Brittany Reid Warren

by Nik Houser

Flip Lady (1986)
by Ladee Hubbard

The Dancing Aliens
by Mithran Somasundrum

Daya and Dharma
by Shweta Narayan

Long Winter by Night
by D. Elizabeth Wasden

Unfinished Stories
by J(ae)D Brames

The Thirst
by Kerry Hudson

Vore; or, Levity in Dungeons
by Adrian Versteegh

How Ramona Saved the Ducks
by Allan Richard Shapiro

Forests of the Night
by Abigail Hilton

by Ian McHugh

How's Your Sister?
by Anne Goodwin

A Man of Kiri Maru
by Laura L. Sullivan

Maya's World
by T. F. Davenport


Unlike Red Tape, the Yellow
by Lida Broadhurst

Ghosts of Sweaty Air
by Jim Pascual Agustin

Teaching Assistant
by Ward Crockett

To a Skylark
by Rose Lemberg

by Brian Beatty

this infants spine
by Zac Carter

Flotsam, 1968 - Extant
by Matthew Keuter

Note to J.
by Matthew Keuter


What Kafka Knew
by Christy Rodgers


The Strangers Are Tuning
by Jesse Lindsay

by Adam Ramirez

Writing the Harvest
by Lisa A. Grabenstetter

by Rossana Reginato

by Tree DeAngelis

The Sheep
by Ursula Vernon

The Catoblepas
by Lisa A. Grabenstetter

by eric orchard

Idolomantis diabolica
by Jesse Lindsay

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