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Issue 5 :: Winter 2009

Issue 5 wraps a scientific core with our most eclectic selection to date—including two mini graphic novels and a script that will have you bubbling over with mirth.

We open with Rose Lemberg's "Imperfect Verse", a tale of poetry, deception, and warring gods; then span the years to Andrew N. Tisbert's "Getting Yourself On", which sees mankind taken to the stars but suffering new forms of wage-slavery.

There's science fiction that stretches to the fantastic, science that once stretched the fantastic and has now become brilliantly pervasive, and dollops of science in otherwise mundane lives (see "The Prettiest Crayon in the Box").

Of course, we've got fantasy, psychological horror, humor, and drama; poetry serious, sublime, and satirical; and art that stretches from the real, to the surreal, to the violently semi-abstract.

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Table of contents ~ stories / poetry / reports / scripts / art / comics


Imperfect Verse
by Rose Lemberg

Nature's Children
by T. F. Davenport

Lost Lying on Your Back
by Steven J Dines

by Isabel Cooper Kunkle

Fletcher's Lunch
by Jason Hardy

The Tiger Man
by Geordie Williams Flantz

Getting Yourself On
by Andrew N Tisbert

Birthday Licks
by Kevin Brown

Liza's Home
by Kenneth Schneyer


Deadman on the Titanic
by Alicia Adams

The Grammar of Desire
by Paul J. Kocak

by Zac Carter

7 Ways to Fake an Orgasm
by Melissa Carroll

Hidden Things
by Taras Castle

Internal Combustion
by Lucy A. Snyder



Sweet Melodrama
by Tristan D'Agosta


Soul Searching
by MichaelO

Infrared 2
by Richard Kadrey

by Jon Radlett

Tangible-2 (2004)
by Jerry Goins


Gunga Din
by Joseph Calabrese and Harsho Mohan Chattoraj

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